US Military K-9 Fund supports our nations War Dogs.
We are Chapter 4 of the United States War Dogs Association. Please join us in helping get needed supplies to these dogs. Thank you!

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 Our Mission at US Military K-9 Fund, Inc. is to support the military working dogs serving in the United States Armed Forces. They need extra supplies and equipment that we provide with your assistance. We cannot do this without you!

We also assist reitired MWDs (Military Working Dogs) when they need help with travel expenses involved in returning to the United States from bases overseas. This is of great benefit to the dogs whose adopter cannot afford to pay transportation costs for getting their dog back to the U.S.

Hello, and welcome. Thank you for your interest in helping our CANINES with COURAGE, the military working dogs who risk their lives every day to protect our troops and our country. They are the unsung heroes. Since WWII dogs have served along side our military with courage and honor. We have more of them now than ever before, and they - like our men and women - need "Care Packages" from home. Not only does it boost morale, it keeps them healthier and more able to do their jobs.

We like to think of them as "Deployment Packages", because they need the goggles, boots and cooling vests to do their jobs longer and better, according to their handlers.

We hope you will help these canine servicemembers receive their deployment supplies and equipment with a cash donation or by sending any of the items pictured below to our PO Box address.
Retired MWD Fama H176 - our Goodwill Ambassador - is asking everyone who treasures freedom to support canine servicemembers with a donation, which will be used to purchase and send the items pictured below. Fama served two one-year tours in Iraq. She is our Goodwill Ambassador now that she has been retired from the Army K-9 Corps.

Thank you for your service, Fama!

We cannot continue to do this work without your support!

Please help these K9 heroes and handlers with a gift today.
They will appreciate your caring about them and the job they are doing to keep our country safe.

Just think, when it is hot and the sand blows in their eyes, and the ground burns their feet, the dogs need boots, goggles, and cooling vests to do their work better. They also sleep better with a cooling mat. In the cold weather, they continue to need boots and goggles, toys and treats. They also get grooming items to help keep them fit.

The handlers get some things too.

Some people want to join us in sending the dog and handler teams the items pictured below.
Use these detailed photos at the bottom of this page to choose some items to send to the dogs and handlers.
then, mail the items to our post office box.
Also needed are black or brown crew socks with heals
(no tube socks please), 
Milkbones, yo-yo's, jerky treats, 
or any of the items pictured below.(no squeeky toys please) 
We will send your donated items for you in a box especially designed for the dogs and their handlers.

Donate by mail today! 

Send your gift of items or a check to::

US Military K-9 Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 842248
Houston, TX 77284-2248

*Use the website's "Contact Us" page to write a note to a handler.
We will include it in a care package.
They will appreciate knowing you thank them for their service, and wish them a safe tour.

Below are examples of what we send the military working dogs. The United States War Dogs Association advises us on what the dogs and handlers need. We appreciate all the individuals, companies and foundations, who support us with donations and discounts. The benefit for the dogs is enormous. Especially helping regulate the dogs' body temperature is important to enable them to sniff out explosives. So, we want to ensure they are functioning at their best.

Care Packages include:
For Dogs:
Grooming Brush for large dogs
Nail Clippers for large dogs
Eye cleaner, Ear cleaner
Antiseptic spray
Dog Shampoo w/cream rinse
Pet wipes
Paw salve
Finger Toothbrushes and Toothpaste for dogs
Nylabone toys (no squeeker toys please)
Large Kongs (used in training - more than just a toy - a training tool)
Tennis Balls (unused or gently used - such as practice or match balls)
Jerky Treats (for dogs) Made in USA please.

For Handlers:
Yo-yo's, Hacky Sacks,  Decks of Cards
Black or Brown Crew Socks (no tube socks please)
Jerky, heat-tolerant Candy and Snacks
Chap-stick, antibiotic salve
Sample-size lotion, shampoo, conditioner
Toothbrushes, Sample-size Toothpaste

The images below show some of the contents of the "care packages" sent to the military dogs deployed with our troops.
Then, below these three groupings are individual pictures to give more detailed shots of the items.
Pet WipesEar CleanerEye Cleaner  Dental chew
Dog toothpaste, Finger brushes   Large Kongs, Tennis balls

Special thanks for these items made for military use. Our model is showing the Doggles (goggles for dogs), which Doggles makes for us in camo, and the XLarge Ruff Wear boots made in Bend, Oregon.

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